Dragon Bonus Baccarat

If you’re familiar with Baccarat, you’ll have no problems understanding the rules of mini-Baccarat at Golden Nugget Casino. While the rules of the miniaturized game are the same as the normal game, mini-Baccarat is played on a smaller table. In addition, the dealer is responsible for flipping all of the cards in play, which often makes for faster-paced games. The odds are also the same between mini-Baccarat and Baccarat. Mini-Baccarat is sometimes confused with midi-Baccarat (not available at Golden Nugget Casino), with the only distinction being that midi-Baccarat is played on a larger table.

How to Play Mini Baccarat

While there is a great deal of intrigue and mystery surrounding the game of Baccarat (fueled partially by it’s presence in several James Bond movies), the game itself really boils down to chance. In the end, players make simple bets no different than betting on the flip of a coin. The figurative responsibility of dealing the cards passes around the table, but players can elect not to deal when their turn comes and hand the “shoe” off to the next player. The player and banker each receive two cards under normal play conditions. In certain circumstances, either the player or dealer may receive a third card:

  • If the player hits on five points or lower, and the player hits or stands.
  • If the player or banker point total is an 8 or 9 and both stand.
  • If the player elects to stand, and the bank hits on five or less points.

Players and the house each bet on the value of their hand being higher than their opponent. Each card is assigned a value (Aces are worth one point, face cards are worth zero, and other cards are face value). Players are permitted to bet on the banker, player, or the probability of a tie. Only the second digit is used in counting the score. For example, if you receive an eight and seven, your score is not 15, but 5.

Most mini Baccarat games are played with eight decks, but some tables offer variations with six decks or less, sometimes as low as one deck, although rare.