Ultimate Texas Holdem Progressive

Very similar to the more well-known poker variety, Ultimate Texas Holdem Progressive is a casino game (meaning that players play against the house). Unlike Texas Holdem, players may make a raise during any point in the hand. The earlier the raise, however, the higher the amount of the raise may be. Raises made following the ante wager will still have action, even if the dealer didn’t open. Players are permitted to make an equal Blind and Ante wager, along with an optional Trips wager. As a Shuffle Master game, Ultimate Texas Holdem Progressive was invented by Roger Snow.

Basic Ultimate Texas Holdem Progressive Rules

Each game at Golden Nugget Casino is played with a standard 52-card deck. Players and the dealer each attempt to make the best hand through the use of two hole cards and five community cards, just like in normal Texas Holdem poker. Players are permitted to view their own cards. Some special rules on when and how players may make bets during a hand apply:

  1. Players may make a Play wager that is equal to three times or four times the Ante bet, or check.
  2. A player that previously checked twice in a hand must make a bet equal to the Ante wager or fold.
  3. The dealer must have at least a pair to open betting.
  4. Ante and Play bets are paid out at even money.

The Ante bet has a house edge of around 2.185%. However, as some of the basic player manipulations of the edge still exist in Ultimate Texas Holdem Progressive, the house edge can be better expressed as the element of risk, which is around 0.526%.

Blind Bet Payouts

The Blind Bet pays out based on the standard hand rankings in poker, with different payouts based on the quality of the hand. Some of the most common payouts in Ultimate Texas Holdem Progressive include:

  • Royal Flush: 500-1
  • Four of a Kind: 10-1
  • Flush: 3-2
  • Straight: 1-1
  • All Other Hands: Push

So although a pair or two pair may be reasonable hands (depending on the circumstances) in normal Texas Holdem Poker, these hands do not qualify for Blind Bet payouts in the casino variety of the game.